How to Improve Your Karma

Karma, the law of cause and effect is produced by our actions. A cause is like throwing a stone in a pond.
The ripples that radiate out are the effect. You, standing on the shore, receive the results of this action. This is karma.

Good actions which benefit ourselves as well as others give rise to happiness. Continual good actions accumulate positive potential so that good things happen to you in turn.

Bad actions which harm yourself or others give rise to suffering. Bad actions store up negative potential so that bad things happen to you in turn.

If bad things happen to you but you think you've been a good person, it could be bad karma carried over from a previous lifetime.

You can shift this by doing good deeds like charity work, making offerings at your place of worship, asking for intercession prayers from your spiritual leader and doing purification (making a pilgrimage to a holy place, doing a retreat, fasting, making confession). Selfless acts or sacrificing, like giving your whole lunch to a homeless person, is a stronger good action than,say,giving them just an apple from your bag.

If nothing is moving in your life, it's an indication of neutral or stagnant karma. Good things will start happening in your life if you start doing good actions towards others. You've just got to get the momentum going.  

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A few years back, a 13 year old girl was gand raped and beaten to death. If karma is produced by our actions, what actions did a 13 year old girl do that deserved this?

i like this talk about karma this is very good very truthful you are right about balancing karma you can change your karma with right action being loving i use what i call decrees every day to try to balance all my past karma and karma from this lifealways show love to others and good will return to you . vinny

Giving violet flame decrees is also a wonderful way to transmute negative Karma. The violet flame is a wonderful, indispensable gift from St. German and can be used by anyone. There are simple mantras such as " I Am a being of violet fire, I Am the purity God desires".

if the first man was born does he has any karma.the man would not have any karma then why was he born if birth is a cycle of karma to complete

MisterMisfit,<br />
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Karma is about past life experiences too, and it includes soul contract to teach us something we need to learn. Personal, I choose to believe in forgiveness. So sorry, you are having trouble.

So true. Good karma is all about spreading peace, joy, and happiness without thought about yourself. It's a warm feeling when you do something thoughtful or helpful for someone without expecting anything in return.

wow.. I amazed your inspirational worlds about karma. I deeply think my karma and find out the reason. :)

Great .......... I always had this thought in my mind tooooooo. I would also like to say " Everything that happens to you , me or to anyone is for a reason. The reason is for good. "

Great .......... I always had this thought in my mind tooooooo. I would also like to say " Everything that happens to you , me or to anyone is for a reason. The reason is for good. "

Very nicely explained buffalotus. The performing of selfless acts is the foundation karma yoga. By serving others and not being attached to the results, our actions become "akarma" or karma free.

I think karma is a repetitive of things that come back over and over again, like in making the same mistake repetitive. That is either because you do not know it is a problem you created, or a situation you love so much you keep repeating it, right or wrong. The only way to change karma is to stop, or change the outcome, cause you know what will happen.

hope u get to see my msge, i really like this; i did something wrong something against the law something my parents wouldnt ever think i would do, i think? but i know the ddt raise me to be like that kind of girl, i cnt say im too young and im looking for mistake idk what to say anymore but i really like this msge of urs

An alternative morally neutral view of Karma:<br />
The simple act of living and existing in this world accrues Karma. Good or bad are simple matters of perspective as determined by the Ego's focus on it's desires. An example, if you lose your job, this is "bad," as it disrupts the Ego's ability to appease it's desires. If you win the lottery, this is "good" as it allows the Ego nearly limitless material influence. In reality, when viewed beyond the limited scope of Ego, these events are neither good nor bad, they are simply changes.<br />
The "quality" of events that we experience in this lifetime are the results of karma accumulated in the previous lifetime. Our reaction to this karma determines our karma in the next lifetime. The goal is to gradually learn to accept the events of our lives as niether bad or good, but simply as an experience that carries insights & opportunities for the further growth of our personality.<br />
In time, as we slowly learn to simply experience our karma without associating it with the desires of Ego, we gradually cease reacting to it and will eventually enter a karma free lifetime that allows us to effect great change in perceptions or to finally break the cycle of death and rebirth.<br />
Easier said than done, but we all begin at the beginning of awareness. Namaste.

As a Buddhist. Karma is a cycle as well. Yes, I get mean and nasty and say things that I truly don't mean but they appear to be meant. I usually meditate this off with some chanting and prayer and I feel better. Yes, doing things right to change a wrong will strengthen your good karma. I ought to know. We buddhists aren't perfect. We do make mistakes and are human. We don't pray to an external deity as most people think. Buddhism is a selfish practice. Meaning it's about the inner self. Yes, doing alms, giving to the needy, helping children,animals, people who are suffering is generally a non selfish act, it is selfless. But the inner self, is the point in which we must change. I have pray to the Gohonzon ( a scroll with Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, Nichiren) which is the embodiment of our 10 life conditions (from Buddhahood to Hell (jigoku). We constantly strive to achieve Buddhahood through chanting Namu (devotion) Myoho (literally lotus blossum) but means mystical law; Renge (cause) Kyo (effect). Devotion to mystical law of cause and effect. That's generally what it means. But it is through sound and vibration we chant to overcome the negative obstacles in our lives. I chant for personal happiness and many personal things. Unfortunately some people think to chant for money, material things is the only way to do it. I say that is going contrary to attaining happiness. Nothing wrong with having things but if that's the main goal, it certainly makes buddhism look like the wrong belief. Buddha means enlightened one. All persons whether Buddhist or not are actually Buddhist. We all can attain Buddhahood but the way to get there is through doing the right things such as right speech,right thought,etc. Chanting is definately helpful and creates a natural rhythm in our lives so we can be productive, respectful,people. But sometimes our negative thoughts turn to negative reactions and actions and karma is there to teach us to change these patterns. You kick someone once and later you will get kicked. That's how it works. It may not happen now but sometime in the future. <br />
<br />
I always apologize to Gohonzon for the way I treated someone. I always reflect towards the people so I can learn about how my reaction as well as that person's was. <br />
Gohonzon is like a mirror. We look into a foggy mirror and we can't see. That is how we perceive our life condition. When our buddhist practice grows and we get better, the mirror clears up. <br />
All of us have obstacles in our lives: family,relationships,love, work,dealing with strangers, dealing with people who can make our lives miserable. It is how we react that determines the karmic cycle.

Do u mean to say if we do not kick anyone we wont get kicked.......? just for argument I mentioned it...... I am supporting ur thougts cheers

I beleive in Karma to because I have seen the affects in my life. However, I am a christian, and I wonder how this fits in because Jesus taught about a forgiving God. If we asked for forgiveness and feel it sincerely in our hearts will our Karma change?

Nice .I strongly believe in ur story..............and follow in my life from my childhood ,born and brought up in a ciltured family..,our sacred book The Bhagabat Geeta also says about KARMA...thanks.

Thank you. Your wise words are inspiring ^_^


snice i have hard time understanding things some times you made that really easy for me too understand and know how too use the words in the right context now and thank you

Oh, is that how it works! I'd better get crackin'.