It doesn't happen instantly. When someone does you wrong don't expect a piano to drop on them in 20 seconds. Wait.

An ex boyfriend who cheated on me is now dating the person everyone hates.

An ex friend is losing money through an ill-conceived investment.

And here I am rising above it all :)
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I was also believer of karma but after reading a lot about it i have a doubts about karmas. I have doubts about the story of V/Balmiki that whey he got enlighted after committing crimes and same is true about Kenny Johnson. You see Kenny Johnsons videos on also see

I've been dealing with a very painful falling-out with a (former) close female friend. She hurt me emotionally so badly to the point where I had to seek professional therapy to help in my recovery. Every day, I hope that Karma will do its job and bite her in the a**

Oh dear, sounds like a situation I was in. I hope you recover from this.

Thank you -- I've been moving forward since then, and the thoughts about my situation haven't been as consuming as before. But I can still feel the emotional scar. Would you mind if I messaged you my story a about my falling-out?

Sure thing. It's late night here so forgive me if I am kinda weird haha

Thank you -- I just messaged you! Just reply back when you have the chance :-)

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