Don't mistake kindness for weakness. True kindness comes from great strength and well being. It comes from being secure enough to reach out to another.


When we choose kindness we build our self up first in the act. It then builds up people around us. That works like a ripple in a pond, it grows to others even beyond the first act.


When a person chooses to be unkind they harm them self first before the victim feels anything. Then it also has the added effect of coming back in so many other ways.


Kindness builds and that can’t be called weak.


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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Well said - couldn't agree more:)

you said it how i feel about kindness<br />
great blog.

I agree with you my friend. Thanks for story :)

I completely agree... I perform random acts of kindness all of the time just because I like to... it's the funniest thing, I have random acts of kindness come back to me when I least expect it... almost as though the ripple in the pond hits the edge eventually and then heads back to where it began :-)