Love At Work

Hi I'm 18 and I exsperienced love at first sight on march 23rd at 3:05 pm. I went to work one day and today wasn't just another day. I wanted to get to work to see what had happened because somebody was stabbed there that day. So I go in andsee the crime scen and it was bad then I go to my boss to see what he wants me to do. I was supper to wrap grapes in the back. Now before I asked him what he wanted I saw this girl I work with. I have seen her around before and we have never met in our lives before but I always had this feeling like I knew her from somewhere before. So for some reason that day I really wanted and meet and work with her but she works cashier and I'm in produce. Well that day because of the accident she was asked to help me wrap grapes. When I found this out I was ecstatic! I didn't know why because I had a girlfriend of nearly two years. So we started working and it was an instant connection. We talked for our entire four hour shift. She was saying how she didn't give he number out easily but I asked for it and she gave it to me rite away. That night we talked til 1 in the morning and I just knew thy there was sinfully very special about this girl. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend because I wasnt happy with her, we caught everyday and my feeling for her died long ago and I didn't know how to end it. So after that she said she wanted to be the next girl for me and I wanted to be the next guy for her. I fell head of heals for her and I was sure she loved me too. So for the next 30 days we tried to spend every minute together. We wentto D.C with my family and started to date. I had never been so happy on my life. But then exactly one month after leaving my ex girlfriend she said she wasn't haveing the same feelings for me and wanted to be just friends. Needless to say my heart was broken and I was devastated. I had neverfelt that type of pain before. I was with my ex for nearly two ears and never felt the way for her ad I did for Jamie , the girl I work with. I spent the next week crying myself to sleep at night and wanting her back. Then the about a week later she said she was wantedto give it another chance and I was sooo happy. I was the happiest guy in the world. But about two day later I was talking to a friend in school and we were talking and he made a childish joke and I laughed and said ok to it. I made the mistake of telling this to my girlfriend,the love of my life. That day I thought nothing of it but two days later I saw her mom made a post about it and people were telling her how she should leave and when I saw this I went to try and explain myself that it was just a joke and there's was nothin ment by it at all. But it was too late she told me it was over and she never wanted to talk to me again. I spent the rest of the day begging her to let me explain and give me a chance but it was no use. That was yesterday and I feel as if my world is over. I have never hurt so bad in my life,even when I lost four family members in 6 months. I love her with every fiber in my being and would take a bullet for her but she hates me now. I just wish I could get a chance to prove my love for her and treat her the way she deserve and the way I want to treat her. So that's my story, not the happiest but love at first sight none the less
Schearpaul Schearpaul
May 5, 2012