Love, Love, And More Love

I really like this guy, but my best friend likes him too. But the twist is, he likes me back, but his mom wont let him date. I'm 14 and hes turning 15, I dont think my parents like the idea of me dating anyone, and I dont think it helps that hes a year older then me.

I have known Ezra for a few months, since christmas. But on Valentines day, my friends had a basketball game, I was hanging out with Ezra, I looked at his lips, and just wanted to kiss him. I really like him andd went ever I talk about him I cant stop smiling, when he texts me I get all bubbley and smiley. He called me beautiful and I started blushing.

All the boyfriend I have had in the past I never felt this way, he just makes everything feel better....
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Feb 25, 2013