Love At First Sight (intro)

That girl... Oh my my my that girl <3
Well let's start of with me... I'm Andrew, Andy, drew it doesn't matter. I'm a young adult who has faced many complications in life. I spent most of high school being an idiot and partying but i made it... Yup i graduated, but i didn't graduate the way i wanted to in fact my graduation day was just one big epiphany of everything i should've and could've done but didn't. I think it was around my senior year that i actually tried to make a change. My father had recently got a DUI thx to me and my mother was pregnant with her fourth kid. I told her it was foolish of her at the time because of their financial position (I don't live with my family). I was drinking allot at the time to deal with the stress and experimenting with some other stuff to deal with it all but i couldn't stop worrying about everything. A close friend of mine had suggested church insisting it'll help but I had renounced my religion when i was a Sophomore considering myself more of an agnostic. But i couldn't deal with the crap anymore... I was about ready to collapse crying. I went to church afraid and feeling a bit outcasted because i hadn't been to a church in years but i felt good. I remember praying asking for forgiveness and leaning back towards the catholic beliefs i grew up with. I asked for a sign and i asked for someone to walk in to my life and just make sense of this mess. I prayed for an angel to give me a taste of heaven so i have the incentive i needed to move forward. God replied a couple days later with "HER". READ PART 2 (Trust me it gets interesting)
AndyOceans AndyOceans
18-21, M
Jul 16, 2013