I never believed in love at first sight. I don't think I do now actually. but something like that happened to me months ago and it is still engraved in my brain. I was roaming around the mall carrying tons of stuff since I am an interior design student. I was enjoying my lollipop, and then i stepped on the escalator going up. I saw a cute guy headed to the opposite direction. it was just a quick glance. I didn't want him to catch me that I was checking him out. It was only for like 2 seconds. (That's my rule: "If you happen to see a cute guy, never look at him for more that two seconds) Lol. so I looked away after that quick duration of admiration. He was soooo darn cute with that messy hair and bright eyes I can't even. so after I passed by him I was on a quick battle against myself. to look back or to keep walking? I never do that. Check someone out for the second time. So I decided that it wouldn't hurt to look back. I looked back and whoa... bright eyes were staring back at me! He smiled at me and then I smiled back. we looked stupid there smiling at each other for a few seconds. and then i looked away. i didn't want to walk away but I had to. after walking a few steps I couldn't get him out of my head so I went back. Didn't know what for but I wanted to see him again and see what would happen. he was heading back to the escalator as well but then his mom (i think) was yelling at him. they were in a hurry. he just smiled again and scratched his head while I stood there feeling crushed and looking stupid. It was sooo frustrating. I couldn't sleep. But it was one of the best eye contacts I've ever had with a total stranger. it was sad though. Hope we'll get to see each other again.
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It happen to me as well!!! But I was with my mom ! Lol man ! I was so frustrated. This young amazingly elegant women was actually buying some juice or something and I was in a hurry so I headed back to our shop. But when we were locking up and on our way out , our eyes locked , 😐I was hooked I remember her hair style and the color of her lips , and the way she was walking , her body posture oooooo man 😍😍😍😍. I pray for her sometimes I know God knows her :) so I can ask him to bless her when ever I think of her . Hope you see that guy soon !!