Andy And Kate

Andy and Kate were an unlikely match. Kate tall and regal, Andy bulky and awkward...both well into their 80's when i first met them. They were friends of my parents and word was they first met in their 70's.

Kate was an artist and gardener despite years of crippling arthritis and mutliple illnesses. Quick witted and warm, usually armed with an endearing lopsided grin, she was my mother's friend. Andy, gruff and a tad withdrawn, was a man of few words yet fast to take action. My Dad liked him.

Kate was a believer but not Andy yet he drove her to church every Sunday and waited in the car head thrown back and snoring as my Dad liked to tell me. According to Kate Andy never complained...never made her feel bad or dependent on him. Yet she knew, without Andy she would need to be living in a home. This was more than mere companionship. She adored him.

Once I stopped in for tea, welcomed by Kate's warmth. Andy moved the kettle boiling...the good china and cloth napkins...all arranged on the tray with some lovely English biscuits, while Kate kept the conversation flowing.. It was choreographed like a dance routine, smooth and comfortable...Andy serving  and Kate lightly touching his arm.

People ask about love...Andy and Kate ...they had the real

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Such an inspiring story, when two people can care for and take care of each other with love and kindness, that is true love, what a gift they gave each other and everyone who knew them and now you have shared that love with all of us! Thank you so very much.

Thanks Tas....they were very special.

Love this story.

Gypsydreaming, I agree, aging has a way of "mellowing" and freeing us to be who we really are.<br />
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Chocolatesmiley, they both lived into their 90's. Kate died first, Andy shortly after but the years they had together were good ones. Kate had her garden, Andy had his truck ...they were a pleasure to see. <br />
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Onceandfutureglow, I never thought of it that way but you're right...they do restore our faith. There were real people living a simple life...with love.<br />
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Salar, it is.<br />
Thanks all! :)

The way it is Frito......

Such a beautiful story, Frito. Thank you for posting this. I think we all need to read things like this from time to time. Just to restore our faith in humanity, and in love.

Awwwww!!! That's so sweet.. I want to hear they are still alive and happy together!! I just think that's adorable how he didn't believe in God but he respected that she did and had his little nap in the car while waiting for her it sounded so like my dad actually that would be completely him, a man of few words yet he would do that in an instant for my mom. That really is love, accepting each other so completely, respecting each others differences and supporting each other through thick and thin. CUTE!!

Gypsydreaming, YES!! I like your point about the "walls" being down and understanding what's truly important. :)

All1rog what a great quote!! And so often so parents used to actually talk about who would "go" first...neither wanted to be left behind...I think, like your quote indicates, it's a pretty comment sentiment. Thanks. <br />
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Freelancerr, thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Thanks Trailguide., they really were. :)<br />
<br />
LV,, I's as if we find what we don't have in the person we love and so do they. Thanks. :)<br />
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And Vera24love, hahaha you really do have the wrong social network site and definitely the wrong person.

Thank you your story. I love life and your story

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I think sometimes these little differences between people make their life more colorful,<br />
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Excellent story, so inspiring

Heartwarming story :)

I was intruigued...they were so very different...and it was definitely "true love!" Thanks Tender. :)

Haha Thanks Pedro....:)

Thanks Paco....they were wonderful. :)

Heart warming story, Frito. A fine picture you draw with your warm hearted stories. <br />

Nancy, it does!! Ain't love great? :)<br />
<br />
Tender, they were so very different and so in love. :)<br />
<br />
Fish, for whatever reason I just thought of them today and wanted to write about them. :)<br />
<br />
Thanks all. :)

Love happens! Great post!

I do Lilt I do...they were so very sweet!

Sweet. You obviously believe in love. You see it and believe it.