So Desperate For Love ...

Don't go looking desperately for love. You may find love, but it will belong to someone else, and you will think it is yours. It may stay with you for a while, and then leave you bereft, for it will not be able to settle.
Yours may have come to find you while you were holding on to the other.
Your love will then go wondering; lost, hurt, confused; and certain that something wonderful, something deep, something beautiful and right was missed. 
The path that love takes is winding and filled with obstacles and misplaced signs and dead-ends. Your love may be trapped by another for a time, and time will slip away, wasted.
Be still and centered. Find the love that is part of you. Let that love embrace you, so that you are complete and have much to offer. You must not be needy, but fulfilled, to allow love to flourish and be powerful and eternal.
When your love comes and is drawn to you, nurture and inflame it. Feed love with purity, desire, acceptance, encouragement, integrity, selflessness, kindness, passion, gentleness, admiration, praise, support. And more.
Don't hold on tight; but allow love to move and breathe and grow and live alongside you. Be blessed X@

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You are very welcome, Berbuletta, my sweet friend! X@

Thank you Resident X@