What Do I Want?

What do I want?


What is it that I look for?


Is it the sparkle in her eye or the smile when she sees me?


Is it the warmth of her breath and the softness of her lips?


Is it the feel of her breasts as they press up against me?


Is it the tenderness of her flesh as I caress her every curve?


Is it the touch of her hair as it falls between my fingers?


Is it the purr she makes as passion ensues, causing my very being to tremble?


Is it the excitement when passion erupts and my lust is fulfilled?


Is the every curve and feature of her tender hand, being amazed to even hold it?


Is it her fragrance, the very essence of that one woman I am with?




It’s that thing I can not touch or taste or smell.


It is what she does. Not with her mouth or hands or body at all.


Not her eyes or breasts or voice.


It is that fire inside, that somehow she creates.


She fans the flames, she manipulates the heat.


She draws from it and gives to it that which I can not hold.


Inside of me, the knowing, the wanting, the romance and passion.


It’s all contained within her.


Somehow. Some way.


Then I know.

She is the one.
The only one who can do all of these, and leave me,

With a smile.

I am content.

For I found her and I know.

She is the one.

This is what I want.

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Jun 1, 2010