What Difference Does It Make?

When I see a couple together in love, I don't get jealous that I don't have anyone at the moment or annoyed by their constant affection. Instead I feel happy and in a sense, proud. Proud in that, people still show their true feelings and love for one another. When I hear people complain about homosexuality, I am bewildered by their attitude. I am a straight guy who is expected to be against this sort of thing, however I very much think its fantastic. The fact that people are showing love, affection and loyalty to each other regardless of sex and gender, to me, is so much better than people spewing hatred and misery. True love comes in all shapes and forms, and can at times be unpredictable. But in the end, love is love. Its still the same feeling. Shared by everybody. If only everybody would remember that though.........
inbetweendays inbetweendays
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

i just think the same :D even i'm also a muslim and being a gay is like a crime to them, but i respect it because it's love not sickness!!!<br />
if you have to be against such a thing because you're a straight guy, so gays also have the right to be aginst our straightness!!<br />
love is love and it always will be... i hope u'll find your soulmate as much i hope for myself :D <3