I Miss U

i miss u.... its been so long, i have seen ur smiling face, ur eyes looking at me..... long three years,
i miss u too much & i realized how much i love u after u left me. .... i m sorry i could never say dat to you, i was shy & afraid...
u know, i cant write well & neither i can express well, but u somehow understood me.... i feel alone now, but here i am keeping my promise that some day i wil write about my feeling....
u never accepted the fact that ur the most beautiful girl in this world & also the cutest, yes u are...even how much u call yourself ugly i don't believe u. i miss ur cute voice also, hvnt herd it for so long.... u never call me now.
i want to say u dat i m keeping all my promises i made 2 u, i hv my foods in time, i take care of myself & i m doing a job, earning for my family. guess wat, this days i never get late waiting for u outside ur office, i reach thre exactly at 7pm, everyday. but u never come.
i wait for ur call everyday at 12am, but u never call... u don't pik up my calls also, its says "switched off". i still sit on ur fav fast food shop, but i don't see u around.
i know u would hv called me silly... but, i feel ur presence when i m there.
u promised me, that u would never leave me, then why did u left without saying anything....? i know somewhere ur still watching me & u also miss me like i do. i promise we wil b soon together again & dat day i wil tell u dat how much i love u.
i will b yours for ever..... i miss u
lastrider lastrider
26-30, M
Jul 12, 2010