What Does It Mean To You ?

Have you ever thought about what true love means  to you?  When we are just starting out we love them just as they are in our eyes.  Why does that change over time?  We all have days that are cold and dark, where we feel so alone that we feel we can’t  go on but isn’t it on those days that we turn to those imperfect ones for our comfort?  Isn’t It those times that we appreciate those imperfect persons the most?  I have come to discover that true love isn’t about wine and roses, it is about shared times and knowing that you can depend on your partner in the toughest of times.

What is true love to you?
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Lovemyway- thanks so much for sharing the link. it was a magnificent post! Love is many different things for different people. It's something that we all learn about everyday :)

Thanks, snowbunny (((((SB)))))<br />

Thanks Brut :) ..btw- you always have something to add :)

Iza- You bet it is! And change is always good. When the infatuation period wears off that's when you find out how solid the relationship really is, what the two of you are really made of,

yes, debtship, as well as the other commenters seem to have said it all! great post, wish I had something to add :-)

Yakiniku- Thanks for your comments :) Well said! <br />
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sinkingdebtship- you said it all, especially the hard to come by part...Thanks!

Love is a committment. Love is understanding. Love is knowing that you have someone on your side through it all. Love is the feeling in your heart, the look in your eyes, the spark in a touch. Love is....beautiful and hard to come by.

I agree with you!<br />
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True love is when you love an imperfect person perfectly and going against the odds to prove that love's worth.

Couldn't have said it better bassy :)...

Yes. When one person carries it eventually it becomes a burden. It shouldn't be like that. Even the strongest person needs their own support now and then.

Exactly Bassy :) <br />
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I think perhaps it is a selfish love if one person is giving those things and the other is not. One person can never be responsible for carrying the relationship... it's not fair and again not what the other person deserves.<br />
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A healthy open and honest relationship that involves mutual love, trust, respect., and communication is a much better option :)

If you don't have those things there is no point. I'll go beyond that......if someone tells you they love you but then doesn't give you those things is it really love? Certainly not on the level I need but more importantly the level I deserve.

I agree Bassy! <br />
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I love this way too :)... I believe that love can teach us many things but the fundamental basics of trust, respect, value and making the other person a top priority. If you can't have that then what's the point?

Knowing that my heart and my feelings are held in the highest regard by the other person. Knowing that they would never betray my trust in them. Knowing that they value me and what we are as a couple to the highest degree. Knowing that they never take me fro granted. This is what I give.....this is what I need.