I Believe...

I believe.... I am a tortured soul

I believe.... that after all the bad that has come and gone in my life I now find comfort in the darkness

I believe.... that I will find my way back to the girl who was innocent and believed in true love and in the beauty of life

I believe.... there is a reason for everything good and bad we go through and there is a reason life has thrown me what it has

I believe.... sometimes love is not enough

I believe.... in good, good in people, good in life, good in myself

I believe.... in a love that can never be altered no matter the time no matter the circumstance

I believe.... in truth in honesty in being honorable, in always speaking the truth in never hiding never omitting 100% pure honesty

I believe.... love means loving all of someone never trying to change or alter them

I believe.... love is unselfish

I believe.... it takes courage to let someone in to realize whats been in front of you all along and be given a second chance

I believe.... I've loved like I should but lived like I shouldn't

I believe.... I've held onto the past for far too long

I believe.... I will find peace and happiness

I believe.... I will always be ok
bringingsexyback bringingsexyback
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2010

i believe that too :D:D<br />
i think you are a beautiful person and you deserve the best..<br />
cause what you believe is what you get, and you believe in all the beautiful things that people gave up trying to see....<br />
you will get what you believe,,,, that's why you'll just get the best ;)<br />
hope you a beautiful life!!!