My 7 Months Crush Series....

 i have never really been in love, i always thought it comes in one and only way to be the true love... i was waiting for this right thing to come across to my world... all in  a sudden i started to like someone i don't know, i didn't talk to him but i was too much interested and i had no idea why.. i did believe it was a stupid crush that will be gone with time sooner or later... every body thought i was a fool to refuse every single guy for liking someone i don't even talk to.... but when it's all out of your hand!!!!
ANW this is the fist poem i wrote when i thought it'd really be a big  deal to write about someone i don't know... but i actually did..
(5 months ago.....)

Love is very hard to find
Why cant I!!!!
Now I really need to hide
From all this
And you have to get
Out of my mind
No I do not have a clue
Why everybody want to get
Closer but not you
My heart is beating really fast
I don’t care whether your eyes
Are green or blue
What is really hard to see!!!
All I want is
Someone loves me
For who I am
And I can trust
But no way damn
Not you not you
No clue
Everybody wonders
What am I waiting for?
And some other people
I can hear them asking
How a beautiful girl
Is standing outta the door
When I know
I can soar
I can’t imagine
Why I can’t get
To know you more
Everybody’s out there
Waiting for me to say
But what kills me is that
You don’t even care
I need a moment to think
I’m now in the deepest sea
I can’t swim
I sink
Everybody tells me why you’re on your own
But I got no words to say                
no more

(to be continued)
RehamGhorayeb RehamGhorayeb
18-21, F
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Your poetic heart tells us so...