So In Love

Very strange, the last thing I wanted was to be in another relationship, I had just informed my husband of 15yrs that I was leaving and could taste the freedom, longed for it, was ready to SWIM in it. When I start talking to an old friend, a crush from my high school days. The more we talked the more we found we had in common. We enjoyed all the same things, the same foods,music, programs, humor, leisure and yet we have enough differences to keep us fresh, I do not mean now, but down the road. He is the person that I would think of when I was putting together my ideal person in my minds eye and I never knew it was him, I truly did not think he even existed. I know I am in total rebound mode, as is he. Another thing we had in common our marriages ending and the similarities to it,his wife did to him exactly what I did to my husband,just decided that being unhappy was not an option. It helped me to be empathetic to my ex and I also tried to explain better where his ex was coming from. We both feel that it was "our" time to be together and that we found each other because we are suppose to be one. As I said VERY odd considering it truly was the last thing either of us wanted, we were not looking to fall in love, just looking to catch up on time gone by. I have been in love before, but I have never felt so destined to be with someone, he is my twin flame, i used to not believe in love and now I am in awe of it.
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

That is so amazing, and even more since for you it came unexpectedly :) Your story has some similarities to me and my guy, I probably think it's all the more lovely because of that ^^