I Really Do Belive In True Love

          I belive that there is someone out  there for very one. That it is called true love. I belive that i have found my soil mate. It will take time for the relation ship to grow. But I do have some one that I deeply care about. In due time i can tell him that I love him. I can't wait for that day to come. I hope that he will fel the same way that I will, when that time comes.
          I also belive  that I can make this long distence relation ship last. Because we are taking the time to get to know each other. Thats a good thing. I'm tartinh to think of him as my boyfriend. Now he's starting to thinkof me as his girl friend. I love that so much. I know that only time can tell, if we are ment for each other. We also have a lot in commion with each other. So, it will work out inth elong run.
acjf acjf
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010