A Little Bit Of Heaven

Well it was a few years ago, I was younger, much younger. A man now but a boy then. Remember the joy I would get even to look at her sweet face. She was everything to me. The sun, moon and stars, I loved everything of her and everyone around was excited that we were together since we were quite similar, sweet and nice people in general. But somehow deep down inside I knew it could never work. She humored me by speaking nicely and everything but day by day as she tried to be with me I could see the real hurtful person inside of her come to the surface. I combated with love and pain and eventually she tore away, forcing me to let go of that little bit of heaven I experienced.

Every day since then I think about her a little, her smiles, her bright face and all the funny things she used to do. I found her awesomely cute and lovely (some used to call her 'hot') but unfortunately I wasn't the macho male she was looking for. I was just a boy. And she was a lady well in her twenties, although she looked younger. It meant so much to me, but somehow I coped and here I am today, probably stronger but still ... waiting ... for that little bit of heaven.
Jeremee Jeremee
22-25, M
Jan 18, 2011