Don't Give Up

I beleive in love, because it gives me hope.  I have not had the easiest life; child abuse, an abusive first husband, cancer, heart disease and many internal and external scars.  I believe I am here for a purpose, for inspiration, for hope, for love.  I believe in children, the hope of the future, for hugs from my 3 year old niece that take all the stress of the day away, the love of holding a baby, for the meow of a kitten, the leaves tossing about in the wind...there is always hope, something to make us smile, the love and forgiveness of God and love...there is always love and the hope of love. Never give up!
momkat momkat
41-45, F
2 Responses Oct 23, 2006

now that is an amazing mindset to have! I grieve for your troubles but know there is an unbelievable amount of good in store for you! :D

Thankyou for sharing! that was humble and beautiful and may God bless you and show others his unfailing and gentle love through you. You are a beautiful person. Love. made me cry tears of relief and understanding. Love to you.