Seeing Is Believing.

Have I been in love? Yes. Has anyone ever loved me? No. Do I believe it exists? Absolutely.

You see, I've been blessed. 12 years ago, my grandmother had a stroke. It left her with the mental age of a child. She can no longer walk on her own. She needs help in the toilet. She can't eat tidily. She dribbles on herself. Sad really, because before she got ill she and my grandad had planned to travel the world in their retirement. They'd worked all their lives and now they wanted time for themselves, but fate stepped in and punished them. Why? Who knows.

Despite all that, though, my grandad is still by her side. Instead of putting her in a home, he voluntarily assumed care for her. 24/7 he looks after her and has to see this shell of his wife. He has to ensure the loneliness and pain of it all daily, but he does it anyway. Why? Simply, because he loves her and always has. For 12 years I've been blessed with that experience. I may have lost a grandmother, in a sense, but I was able to watch this wonderful display of pure, true love.

I may not have heard someone say those words to me, but I know it exists because I've seen it firsthand.
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Don't worry jeanvic I believe you will find truly love. What a fantastic story. I'm 26 and I haven't been in love. I had been in relationships but that doesn't mean that I felt love, just illusions. I grow up in a happy home. My parents truly love eachother. It's really beautiful to see. That's my perfect example of real love in my life. But I haven't find the right guy for me. I believe in love and destiny. I believe when things are meant to be. I want to believe that I'm going to find love. The person I want to spend the rest of my life, have a family. I need love and I need to love. But I don't know if that is going to happen for me. Who knows right.

You'll find it. If you want it enough, it will come. It will take time, as all things do, but it will come.

it do exist..but we need to find right person for ourself..

I believe you will find amazing love!!! Thank you for sharing your story.

Thank you. I appreciate your reply.

Beautiful story!! <br />
And because you see clearly the genuine love here Jeanvic, I so believe you will find your own genuine love.

Thank you.