I have very severe depression i used to cut and i have tryed to kill myself a few times. I had a baby about a month ago and i love him to death. His name is kayden. Ever since kayden was born my life has changed. I DO NOT want to cut or anything anymore becuase of kayden. It has been months since i have cut myself. I am very proud of myself for that. Latley i have been so depressed and sad about everything. I cry over nothing. The past few days i have been thinking about cutting again just once tho. But i know if i start i will not be able to stop. I dont want my son to know that his mommy used to hurt herself. Then he might think its because of him and its not. I dont wanna cut becuase of anyone. I want to cut cuz it used to make me feel better. I used to cut and then everything would be fine i would be happy again and everything. But then something would not go good and i would tell myself that the last time i cut i felt so much better so i did it again. I went with that for a while untill it got to the point where thats all i wanted to do. I would not go hang out with a friend or something cuz i was so sad and knew i could not cut if i wasent at home... I dont want to cut. I need help... I want someone to tell me everything will be ok and that they will help me. I never once cut because i wanted attention that is NOT the reason i cut. I cut cuz i was depressed and was crying out for help they only way i knew how... 
brimoy brimoy
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 17, 2011

Hello Brimoy,<br />
<br />
Love comes in many forms.<br />
The hardest is to love yourself as you are.<br />
If you can forgive yourself for the things you have done or have not done.<br />
That you are alive is a miracle and you have also given birth to your son is a miracle.<br />
<br />
Just live in each moment…… as this is all we have right now…… is this moment.<br />
<br />
Have a good cry or laugh and get on with your life!