I have very severe depression i used to cut and i have tryed to kill myself a few times. I had a baby about a month ago and i love him to death. His name is kayden. Ever since kayden was born my life has changed. I DO NOT want to cut or anything anymore becuase of kayden. It has been months since i have cut myself. I am very proud of myself for that. Latley i have been so depressed and sad about everything. I cry over nothing. The past few days i have been thinking about cutting again just once tho. But i know if i start i will not be able to stop. I dont want my son to know that his mommy used to hurt herself. Then he might think its because of him and its not. I dont wanna cut becuase of anyone. I want to cut cuz it used to make me feel better. I used to cut and then everything would be fine i would be happy again and everything. But then something would not go good and i would tell myself that the last time i cut i felt so much better so i did it again. I went with that for a while untill it got to the point where thats all i wanted to do. I would not go hang out with a friend or something cuz i was so sad and knew i could not cut if i wasent at home... I dont want to cut. I need help... I want someone to tell me everything will be ok and that they will help me. I never once cut because i wanted attention that is NOT the reason i cut. I cut cuz i was depressed and was crying out for help they only way i knew how... 
brimoy brimoy 18-21, F 1 Response Jul 17, 2011

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Hello Brimoy,

Love comes in many forms.

The hardest is to love yourself as you are.

If you can forgive yourself for the things you have done or have not done.

That you are alive is a miracle and you have also given birth to your son is a miracle.

Just live in each moment…… as this is all we have right now…… is this moment.

Have a good cry or laugh and get on with your life!