All I Know About Love

a mighty passion to love,a mighty pain to love it is a pain to miss but of all pains,the greatest pain is to love but love in vain.
admired at being loved without being admired,although love dwells in gorgeous palaces,and sumptuous apartment,more willingly that in miserable and desolate cottages it cannot be denied but that sometimes causes is power to be felt in the gloomy recesses of forest,among the most bleak and rugged mountains,and in the dreary caves of a also is the most noblest frailty of the mind that also sweetens the heart.LOVE is the sole and everlasting foundation on which our nature can be trained to humaneness .oh love,love is the secret of lasting happiness,a man who as never love has never pass through inferno of his passions,he has never overcome them.LOVE is a spirit all compact of fire,not gross to sink, but light and will aspire.oh love,oh love that can be felt without being touch AND LOVE IS THE WHOLE,MORE THAN ALL.
danieldaramola danieldaramola
22-25, M
1 Response Jul 29, 2011

So beaudflly written. . .*touched*