Prince Charming Might Not Exist For Me.

I fully believe in true love. I just don't think I'll ever find it. Most people say I'm to young to be thinking about anything more than just "puppy love" (I'm startin' to hate that term) Most of the guys I've met are...jerks, and just rude. I have millions of guy friends but they're all like older brothers to me. I just want to have a guy who'll make me smile in the worst of times, assure me that everythings gonna be okay, make me laugh at totally random moments, and just be my best friend. I don't completly want a prim and proper, well mannered guy. I just want a dude I can be myself around. Is that honestly to much to ask for?
LongLive13 LongLive13
13-15, F
Jan 28, 2012