Love And Loss With An Open Hand

Love enters in promising all you could ever imagine...

But love's flow can be crushed by tragedy, careless indifference, or the natural course of life...

I can not let go of the gifts of love

- even though the loss of it has crushed me before...

 When someone I love deeply goes away whether by choice or by the inevitable flow of life, I have been blessed to be able to keep the goodness and the love that I have found. I do believe when something is crushed there is a fragrance left behind, a lingering gift noone can take away.

Nothing real can ever really go away. One may no longer be able to call someone or rely on someone for practical concerns, however after I  have shared something real with another person nothing can take that away. Pain and separation for a time may even mask the real joy and gifts I have gained but nothing can take away what can not be lost.
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what love giveth love taketh away though, my friend

I understand what you are saying, but it has been my experience that most often even relationships that end in a practical way leave behind gifts.

At times even our own landscape
Becomes a journey to embark upon...
All the different tiers...the quiet, dusty shelves...
Revelations "not in our stars,
But within ourselves."

Beautifully written jenvice. I agree with you that love is never really lost and the words you've used describing a "fragrance left behind" are just right. :)

Thank you I am glad you liked it. Love isn't in vain if you are loving someone without expectations. Life has taught me not to assume and expect.

Getting past the pain may take a while but the glow that is left will shine through again.

I keep going in that direction RubyeT. Life sometimes pushes me back sometimes forward. All the while I try to remember to keep my hand open.

Very true. Such experiences merely move from the realm of the mind to the hallowed halls of the heart. And the echoes never, ever die...

I am going through a difficult time just now, read your story and it just described how I feel at the moment. I have both known love and lost it , and your words touched my heart.

Thank you

That was so wonderful. That is love, hang on to every moment in it.

It's the whole "People come into your life for a reason" thing.<br />
I believe, as you do, that every relationship, no matter how trivial, serves a purpose for us, even if we don't immediately recognize what it is.<br />
But the way you said it was much more beautiful.