I Think I Am In Love

I met this girl on 4th December, that happens to be my Birthday. All my closed friends there that time where leaving the place so the celebration was kinda preponed few days. So that day I was just relaxing and my guide asked me to meet her and help her finding accommodation. She came for 4 months to work with me, whe was new to the town, we searched all over the place, but we could not find anything suitable as it was Christmas and everything was booked. She also told me that she may leave if she doesn't get any proper place to stay. I felt aching in my heart when she said that I don't know why?

I never felt that I will fall for her. I really don't know when it happen. we had terrific time together. everyday was an awesome day. we had lots of work in these 4 months and we did it so easily. i was with her from 10 am to 12 pm. i kinda got addicted to her. after a month i really started liking her. and one day she told me she is in a relationship. i mean i just cant believe after a long time, i find someone so perfect, and she is in a relationship? For next few days i tried to keep a distance, but my work doesn't allow me to do so. We share the same work so I had to be with her all the time. I just let it go. My feelings for her developed more strongly. Every minute I was away from her, I was not feeling good. Although we were not apart often. I knew she will be with me for these 4 months only. But I never took it seriously, when the time came for her to leave, It was really heart broken... I know I love her, and Its really painful not to let her know about my feelings, She is kinda happy with her boy friend and really don't wanna spoil it for me. Well I thought I am strong to deal with this but nw I feel I was wrong...
crazihilary crazihilary
26-30, M
May 9, 2012