Love Does Not Hurt... It Is The Choice We Regret On

I believe that every Soul who exist in this world has its soul mate and they come together some day. It just a matter of time, so patience is the key to get your true love. I have heard people cursing love when they are heartbroken, on the contrary it is the selection of a person who fails, you should blame yourself not love. Generally people fall in love at a very young age, when they do not even understand the meaning of "LOVE". I don't blame them because falling in love in your teen, is the most exciting feeling ever.

But one has to be careful while falling in Love. Any relation needs time to grow, give that time, live the moments and express your love once you mean from bottom of your heart. Remember if any relation starts in a snap will be finished in a wink.

Keep Believing in love.

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Beautifully said and well written, yeah we all have to realize that love is a beautiful thing but it's up to us to either accept it or not. Love never hates so it's up to us too either see it in a light that is different to how we view love. It can be the simplist thing and yet so meaningful. But thank you for your insight:)

thank you for agreeing with the views.... When you are in love you start living in a different world.. a world of your own...and when some body snatches it, you start feeling the pain. I had it and now its over... though I feel the pinch of those moments but surely that did not stop me in believing in Love.

I believe in what you wrote! Im a teenager and I'm in love. I'm in love with a few people. You should write poems about love and feelings. I would read them. I love to write poems because I can let my feelings out. I also listen to music and draw.

Thank you for taking the time out..... You sound pretty interesting as we share the same interest. I like reading poetry and listening music... You are right poetry are the best way to express your feeling.. I would consider writing some, but like the say love just happens.. Same goes for poetry it just happens.. So lets just hope.. :)

What kind of drawing you do, I would like to have a look if you want to share.

I do all kinds. I have two art class at my high school that I take.

Do u have them on your pro.. ?

Do I have them on my pro? I don't understand

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Thank you for reading and appreciating. <br />
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I like your perspective of soul-mate, yes if we can classified them into those categories we will be less complaining and appreciate love that is coming to us from different souls..