Reality Of Life....

I had a relation for 8 years... and it is over now. When you are in relation for that long, things do not remain same, you treat each other more like a partner and start planning your life with each other. Start dreaming about each other in a hope that  you will live  it together someday.
But reality is, life always has different plans for you which you may find unexpected or unpleasant sometime. And that's what happened with me, I woke up from my dream and went into nightmare. After 8 years we broke up and that  shattered took me a while to have grip on and to recollect myself.

Since then I stop believing in temporary relationship like GF/BF no offense, still does not stop me from believing in love. Commitment is the basic factor which keeps the relation on going and I think if you really love someone marry her/him to show your commitment that you are ready to spend your whole life ... that is pure form of love according to me. Keep on Believing in LOVE
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

honestly, i do know how you feel. i was with someone for 6 years and planned my life around him. it has taken some time for me to reason, that the only true commitment is a marriage. and yes i would like to think otherwise but it is true. so i am still hoping for the real thing.

I could not believe my-self that had happened and it took me sometime to pull myself out of it. But I am good now, she had moved on with some other guy and I realized she is not the one whom I am waiting for. The right one is yet to come :) ...

Thank You for feeling it..

you are welcome. and thank you for sharing your story. i believe we all can learn and grow for each other. like you, i also took some time but i know the right one is out here somewhere. we just have to find one another. take care, hugs