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Love You More Then Ever

Through every fiber of my being, I feel you deeply, madly and sincerely. With all of your pains and disappointments. With all of your desires and avoidance you have been through. With rage and betrayals. With all your joys and sorrows. With your passions. With your search for better.  With…whatever you have got, I love You like ~ Never Before.

I love you even more because I don’t know you. There is nothing between us that would divide us. There is no argument, no misunderstanding, no broken promises, no walls and obstacles to overcome. My love is unconditional. I am not against and I am not for. I don’t look for something. I am just looking for You.

You could be anybody. You may treat me as you want. I would  always keep my doors wide open.

You teach me a lot. I am learning it all. I wish I would never stop on this journey. I read your stories. I read them all. You touch me in many ways. I adore and admire your openness and bravery.  I wish to be the answer for all your calls. All of us come here for attention and I will give You as much as You want.



Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 29 Responses Jun 11, 2012

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I wish my boyfriend would say all of that to me, lol.

Very nice! I hope things work out for you, Bolek. :)

I think so.
As long as I am alive the rest are details.
As long as I can write there is no problem.

\"Life can\'t ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer\'s lover until death. Fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant.\" ~Edna Ferber - A Kind Of Magic, 1963

I find my true love.

You did or you will?
As far as I know you did.
I am very happy for you.
I wish you and your partner all the best.

Thank you. Everyday I feel like a princess. He is my adviser.

very heart touching and relatable..

Thank you so much for your kind words.

my pleasure

Very beautiful. :)

Thank you so much.
You are very kind.

Peter, your super sweet! This is just another example of why I have come to think of you so fondly. :) This touches my heart. Thanks for the share and thank for your love.:) Hugs and God Bless! Martha

Love in God is extra ordinary Marta.
My love is always with you.
Your mission is great and I support you totally.
I hope you health improved and you are not coughing anymore.

Thanks sweetie. It's easy for me to love and serve Him. Still feels good when people notice.:) Thank you for the love you send and for your support to me and my work. Yes, feeling much better now and ready to read more of your wonderful stories. Love and hugs to you! Martha

Thanks God.

Thank you you writing feels very personal and intimate and whilst reading it it feels as though your writing it just for me this just shows what a fantastic tallent you have love and respect to you my friend ;-)

I believe that you truly understand core of my believes and my nature. It makes me feel very close to you. Thank you for your kindness.

To have the capacity to love unconditionally is a beautiful thing.....


And when you big and never lose sight of what really matters.....if someone is worth fighting for...fight to be with them......


Wow.. A clean Slate. What a safe place to start.

Yes. I think so.

Lovely....I really like it a lot... ==)

Thank you.

that's so beautiful.

And so you too.
Thank you.

very nice


hi, versuche gerade hier mein bild hochzuladen...klappt aber nicht!
bin gerade allein, hab mich spontan entschieden dich kennen zu lernen:)
auf..(nochhier)..kannst du dich anmelden und dir meine bilder unter ( launa) ansehen und mich adden:) lg.....achso die seite ist am ende ok.:)))

You couldn't say it better.
Dziekuje bardzo.

It's an awesome feeling to be loved and in love!!!...hmmm maybe some day..:))

I am sure It will happen.

I dont know who she is but she is one lucky woman

Thanks. I am not sure what say next. Hm ...sheee...well...let me leave it as it is.

Wow, blow me away how bout it? Most excellent

You have my full attention. Thank you.

powerful words are writen when we are truly inspired. It can be a place or a thing. But it is clear you were inspired by someone special. I know that feeling. When someone moves you so deeply that the words just come flowing out. I hope you are still inspired.

Every second inspire me more and more. I am glad that you know how that feels.


Lucky lady whoever she was.... wish I can find someone who will love me the same :) Thanks for sharing.... lovely written!

A philosopher of social media.. I like it a lot!

As others have said, what a beautiful story...very moving.

what a beautiful sentiment :)

Thank you

I don't know who they are, but they are lucky. Breath taking my friend.

Thank you

beautifully written . . . thank you for sharing this . . . well done . . . :)


very beautiful :)

Thank you. You are very kind.

Yes, this is a very beautiful story, but as carissmi said, don't accept anyone-that "treat me as you want". That's not a good thing for anyone. I could have been married several times now at my age (44), but I'm searching for my soulmate. But yes, it was a beautiful story.

I am not masochist but in other to find communication with somebody I can be his door mat. I guess that is bad but I can't help it. Just I love to connect for no meter what price. I hope there is nothing wrong with me. I respect your view fully.

Of course there is nothing wrong with you. I'm just more tightly controlled; I don't allow my emotions to take over. I also really enjoy connecting with people, but I've learned not to let my emotions take over (at least not until I know you more fully.

But yeah-it's like the first poster said-you take the oxygen from my lungs.

Take your time. I am always here for you.

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This is beautiful...but..."you can treat me as you want." No, Bolek, do not accept this, or you will lose your dignity and self respect. You, as do all of us, deserve to be treated with respect and loving kindness by those who purport to love and care for us, and even by those who don't. Do not settle for anything less.

Thank you for your advice.

when true honest love is involved, they can treat you as they wish because it will be done with love and respect. there is nothing wrong with that at all. As long as it is out of true tenderness and honest respect.

I love reading your stories baby.

Thanks man.

that was really and truly beautiful

Thank you. I appreciate this.

Very nice story . Bless you

Thank you.