My Own Fairytale

I wish to meet my Prince.
My LOVE i have waited for all my life..
The one who is so sweet and so gentle.
My heart true desires..

Mens nowadays are not so really like Prince.
But i am still looking further for the one i know there is for me.

Until one Sunny day, when i actually bumped with a tall and masculine man.
I had to looked with his eyes that is so brown with thick lashes.
He held my hands as he whispered "careful, Lady".
My heart was awe that time. Feels like i have found him at last.
My hearts beats so fast as i cannot imagined myself in front of him.

Then i heard Nancy's voice out of the blue (old friend of mine who happened to be my co worker too).
"Let's go Karl" she said to the Man who caused my hearts stopped for that moment.
Then found out that he is Nancy's boyfriend from abroad she was telling us whenever we are in office having small talks over snacks.

I had to create a fake smile then to cover me being embarrassed.
but then again, my eyes flew back to his and got me shocked because he was still looking into my eyes too at that moment. So firmed and vacant. No reactions, No smiles in his lips.
had to go then because i couldn't stand my sudden emotions then with him.
I was so scared i don't know why?

While walking away from them, i had to turn around back and want to have a glimpse of him.
Saw him alone there, still looking straight in me..
I don't know what was happening to us then..
I had silently line i had to spilled then.. "Seems like you're my prince"

**to be continued..

sweetblossom sweetblossom
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 12, 2012

At the end of that year. After all pain and sacrifice in my part..<br />
I had to send him away..<br />
I don't have choice.<br />
Even though i have always love him all my life..