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Love Colors

I believe love comes in many colors and many forms.  Love can be just between two people, and love can exist across a sea of people.  I think how love is, depends on the person who loves.  Some of us are not as experienced in love as others.  Some of us have abundant love to give, but feel as though there is no one to share love with.  In the beginning, love is young and unruly.  But deep love...deep love needs to be nurtured.  If a person pursues the understanding of love, is weathered so to speak in that pursuit, understanding the many levels of love will be revealed.  
     You hear of all the descriptions of love; there is a hint of truth in most of the ways.  Love is real.  Love can be lite and on the surface yet; love can be heavy and deep.  Where a person is in their pursuit of love, determines the amount of love they comprehend.  Our experiences in life teach us the knowledge of love, our devotion to learning, from our lives, determines our understanding of love.  Love is all around us, stop to smell the fragrance of love.
ksunbiz ksunbiz 41-45, M Jun 17, 2012

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