I am a catholic. One of the main rules of my faith is to believe in a 3 God's Positives. The Faith, Hope and Love. I think a love is a kind of things wchich are not only usual feeling. I think when you are in love, you are happy. Why? I think an answer is simplier than it seems to be at first sight. Believe is among these kinds of feels, which never lets you feel alone. There is a huge shot of power in love, wchich is simply developing your faith and hope. When you are in love, you started to be happier because of you believe your life is not only for you. You start feel necesiity of living not only for yourself, but also for that beloved man/woman. The most beautiful thing is when you feel closing of your souls. It is extremly strongly felt when you are ill, when you are suffering of some desease, especially some fatal, including cancer, leucoma and the other. These are so kinds of desease, wchich are strightly connected to fright of death, permanent counting of days. It is really important to have got closed love person in that days. I see it as a kind of feel, which is able to break all bareers. I think a real true love is this kind of feels, which is able to improve feeling of value of on personality. I think about love feels between fiancees, marriaged pairs. I think about supporting power of this feel. I think about love of parents to children and children to parents. I think about strong supporting love between brother and sister. I think the world without this feeling is cruel, empty and destroying. I think there is not only important to have got big car, rich house, some the best devices of all the world. I see love as te most important thing of all the world. I am not able to imagine what could be happenning when that people, which are in prison. This is such kind of environment, that when we see in personal acts "Punished", there is a yellow or red light turning on in our minds. It is good, but...when you won't show him/her support, it can lead him/her to coming back to the bad way of crimes. That people needs suuporting. However, when a man commits a crime, it is more probably that a wife colapse him that will start to support him. Besides of supporting moves, neighbours and family starts to mentally "kick him in ***". There is not all OK. There are some serious mistake made. There are many families when they resign of growing up of heavily ill or disabled children because of "fault". How kind of fault, for the sake!.Don't they understand that this disabled child is a test of their love???
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Jun 19, 2012