It's An Inch Short of Depressing

I believe in love. I was definitely fearful of love. The feeling of attraction and kindness is amazing. I let my only love leave me. I'm unsure they will ever come back to me. I'm afraid I might be pregnant. I miss their friendship and sweetness. Could someone explain why someone would want someone they could be mean verbally to rather than someone they are kind to?
I'm hopeless. My first love told me they think they are in love with another girl. I let them leave, ignore me and drop me as their best friend. Numerous times everyday I imagine myself with them still. Everything reminds me of them. I cry at least once daily. All I can do is hope that they mutually feel the same way about me when the time comes. There's no one I trust more than them. My heart will drown in loneliness if my gamble fails.
iwanttobe iwanttobe
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 19, 2007

Was your partner mean or abusive to you? Or were you mean and abusive to you? If he was mean to you, and you are pregnant, you need to move on without him, as he could be very abusive if you are pregnant! Sever all ties with him, and don't look back,
If you were the mean and abusive one, them you need to talk to a professional to get some help with this,