Love is a word of amazement.Love is this beautiful valley of just makes your heart melt. It gives you a reason to live. It fills your soul with purpose. It makes you complete. And the challenges the biggest obstacle of life- it makes you happy. Love makes you free. It makes you believe in your existence. To love is to feel the intensity of life.Life and love..when these two meet,there is beauty unmatched. Love is light. To love,is to let go yourself. To love,is to feel the beauty of life. To love, is to be happy. To love,is to be you.

I choose to love.

Love chose me.
heavenlysoul heavenlysoul
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 7, 2012

me to and to embrace being a woman and embrace those around me and make their life better in any way also they should feel better for being in my company not because I think I'm great as I don't but becasue I would like to have imparted something from my life to them in order for them to be happier and cope better in life. My drug of choice is to give and not only things or money but life and joy and a different way of looking at things we go through in life as we are here to learn and change and grow.