Never Give Up As It Is Never Too Late

I have had two serious relationships in my life so far, the first was a marriage that lasted for 21 years before it came to an end, and the second a relationship of five years that also was not destined to last. In both cases I made mistakes about the person that I chose to be with.
Having ended my last relationship after repeated attempts to bring it to a close I went through 15 months of looking on-line hoping that I would meet someone and for the third time around get it right next time. I am still a very romantic person, I am very loving and caring - but the time I spent looking was very difficult.
I have come to know that I am not good alone, I stop looking after myself and really struggle because I am a real people person and by myself I give in to loneliness.
I met several people but they were not suitable - or they did not feel that they "clicked" with me and I started to wonder whether I would ever meet someone. Then all of a sudden within a matter of days I had two people contact me from a dating site and started to get to know them better. One was in another country - had the means to travel anywhere as often as she wanted, the other person lives in my own country and about a two hour drive away.
My first impressions of the second person at first was no, this one is not for me - but I am learning not to be so quick to make decisions like that. We have had many long conversations by phone over the last week and we are going to meet at the weekend. I know she is very keen, and as we have talked and I have got to know more about her I am really warming to her.
Will this be it? I really cannot tell yet, and I am not going to rush things. But time will tell and if this does not turn out to be the one, I know that if I keep looking, keep believing and carry on using my spare time outside of work to do things that help others sooner or later I will meet the right person. I do struggle sometimes, but I believe that there is a God out there who cares about us and I believe he has someone special out there for each of us.
tcennoC tcennoC
56-60, M
Jul 18, 2012