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If Love Was, Or Is, Or Will Be........

If love was, or is, or will be, What is the anguish that leaves traces of unfulfilled desires not met by even the greatest romance, sensual desire, or enlightened ecstasy that pronounces in a moment of time I declare my love for you my dear with each heartbeat that contains your very breath.  
If love was, or is or will be why do passions die so many deaths or linger in the distance of shadows that creep without the faintest hint of a footprint left behind to let you know I was once there. 
If love was, or is, or will be then why does it cry for more through unspoken dreams, frantic needs, or whimpers of silent screams if love was, or is or will be or has love truly been freed?
chereblue1 chereblue1 46-50, F Jul 22, 2012

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