Not To Be Able To Say "i Don't Know."

No rest for eyelids. Becuase I know that there'll be that face when I close my eyes...
Her voice in my ears even if I'm on a loud street.

It's like a sweet drink that don't make you drunk,
Just a bit tipsy...
But an enjoyable one.
One that makes your stomach restless,
But it's so great that you want to drink more and more everyday...
Even if you know that your body will be miserable after,
You don't hesitate to drink it...

Deep urge to be in her arms,
Deep urge to touch her cheeks...
The feeling of getting lost in the depth of her eyes...

Everyday is a spring day:
Every flower smells better,
The sky is brighter,
The sun is warmer -but not sweating-
And the sea is calmer -but there're still the waves of excitement...

Every breath worths it.
Every drip of water...
Every slice of bread means something.
Not because you're hungry or thirsty,
But because you have something to hold on in your life...

It's like
Riding a bicycle.
The sweet feeling of the wind on your face.
The time of relief while going down from a slope.
The crazyness of leaving the handlebar...
The good tiredness in your legs after coming back to home.
baron34 baron34 22-25, M 1 Response Aug 8, 2012

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What a lovely piece of writing.

thank you. :)