Lucky/unlucky In Love

I do believe in love. I believe in all of it's hopes, aspirations and dreams that are tied to it. I love the roller coaster ride it takes you on.

For me, I found love when I wasn't looking for it.

I was in a terrible, abusive relationship with a girl who highlighted to me just how one track minded men can be. I was young and naive and I eventually grew a hatred to men in general.

My girlfriend basically treated me like ****, and one night I was out with a friend trying to escape my crappy reality at a club. We were high and just doing our own thing.

Then he walked past me.

And that was that. I leant over to my friend and I said to her, "That's him. He's the one." She just laughed out aloud and shrugged off my comment.

I never forgot about him. He was tall, dark, handsome and confident. He seemed to appear out of no where and later found out that our paths crossed quite often, we just never saw eachother.

Anyway, after a month of dreaming about this guy, I never really believed that I could ever end up with him - he was so out of my league, so gorgeous and athletic. But as fate would have it, after yet another major fight with my girlfriend, i went out drinking and there he was. He only had eyes for me and I could not believe my luck. Resisting from playing with fire, I tried to avoid him all night. In fact, he gave up on me and left to my relief.

As i finally left the club, I ran straight into him outside and the rest is history!

We are now reaching 9 years of being together. We have had a rocky relationship because we started out so serious and young and life just got ahead of us, and finally we are at a point where we are friends with a sprinkle of arguing here and there.

I do love him dearly and I am so grateful for having him in my life.
pouritanga pouritanga
26-30, F
Aug 11, 2012