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My Dream Wedding

My Dream Wedding

Its pretty much stupid to calculate all this or wish for all this. Though I was already married once and Failed , I always had this dream right from childhood.
Now if God gives me a second chance maybe I can fulfill it.
To meet your dream guy itself is a hugeeee task which so far probably I have not succeeded..The guy whom every girl might dream (hahahah fairy tale dream though I have accepted that is not life and doesn’t have much importance in reality except beauty of the heart)- The tall, fair handsome hunk always taking care of you, making you smile and loving you more than you love him.. Every girl dreams of this!!! J What they call as Prince Charming and for her “HE” is everything and her world revolves around him.
Every thought , every second you think of him, every text brings a smile on ur face, Everytime  he asks you out, excitement , butterflies inside your stomach and hairs stand on end!!! Ohh that’s like  a feeling when in LOVE!!! One I am waiting since long for more than 20 years!!! J)
So what is this Dream Wedding like?
Being an Architect, I have a very sensitive taste and eye for details! And always wanted things to look beautiful and yes romantic!!
So here it goes.. How about a wedding by the side of a beach.. blue water flowing in peace, the sound of the water flow only adds to the happiness and serene feeling. Chirping birds.. And me in a white gown (ofcourse designed by me J .. infact I have already designedJLOL.. Standing beneath a shade.. with wooden poles and white sheer curtains flowing with the wind.. The feeling is great !! Ahh to imagine!!! J
Soft music and then comes the dance.. he lifts you up and for moments you can feel you are in the air..sway  and sway till the sun sets. Have some wine and maybe a favourite pasta J
As the night sets in, the time when you need to express the real love to your love. In the King size bed facing the sea,with white soft sheets and smelling like flowers.. Candles lit, and the curtains on the window flying.. And making love all night.  That is  a DREAM !!!!!!! 
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very nice dream.