The Simplicity Of Love .... Love Is Simple.... And Ours

I am listening to this beautiful, simple song defining love.
It has always moved me...the song, and well, love too.
I share with you:

SIMPLE By k.d. lang/David Pitch

Flawless light in a darkening air
Alone...and shining there
Love will not elude you
Love is simple

I worship this tenacity
And the beautiful struggle we're in
Love will not elude us
Love is simple

Be sure to know that
All in love is ours
That love, as a philosophy
Is simple

I am calm in oblivion
Calm, as I ever have been
Love will not elude me
Love is simple

Be sure to know that
All in loveis ours
Is ours
That all in love is ours

That love as a philosophy
Is simple

We make love and so many other things so hard. Wishing you the simple, pure,uncomplicated JOYS of life. Walk on with ease and grace. Put simply, I love you. Kathie
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2012

Oh! My darling friend K-dart... there are no words to follow those words so I will simply say AMEN and THANK YOU <3

PS: I've been playing it over and over... absolutely entranced with it!

Love is simple.... and ours.

Wow, I am soooo glad you found this and brought it up for me to read again.... I will get my CD out and play it when I log off. :-) The thanks goes to you! oxo

Huh... I don't see it now but somebody led me here... I followed someone's comment (that I don't see here now) and that's how I found it. Hmmmm... a mystery, I tell you... a mystery......................

Well, you just made it very simple, now didntcha? I laid my head back and took it all in. ;-)

I had no notifications of anyone but you being here. You're weird.

Well that is soooooooooooo true :) Maybe we both needed to find this today???

Hey, I figured it out! My homestream (or whatever it's called) had someone from the section. So I went to this section and then stumbled on your story. Whew... mystery solved. Still weird, though :) I am, I am but I am NOT Sam :)

Absolutely! And I am thankful we did. *highest of 5's* Oxo

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Very beautiful song and...wishing you all the same. :)<br />
Except the grace part. I like to watch people trip....makes me laugh. Yeah...I'm sick like that.

I'll play it for you next month !!!!! YAY ! I'm getting sooo excited! Just don't trip me!