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Taste Of You

 It was kind of a dead evening, fund raising dinner. A bunch of rich people trying to show off for a good cause. It was the must be place for them in order to maintain a desirable position in a phony society. Usually, it was the same scenario every year. People sitting by the table in their best possible outfits and talking about nothing. Some firing speeches and a bit of entertainment.

 Miss Stanford was the main organizer and knew them all. They were all connected by family businesses and common interests. All knowing well about each others' weaknesses and strengths. Miss Stanford was seen as a ruthless ***** who kept all of the organization by its balls. Tight squeeze with not much mercy. She loved it. Total control freak with no feelings attached.

Pam was smoking outside, lost in the view of calm and welcoming lake.  A dark red cocktail dress displayed her beauty perfectly.  Her long dress, cut high on both of the sides of her legs. Her arms were completely open and her breasts were covered in a way that you could still admire them, but enough to look innocent. Her red hair were tied up showing her swan like neck.  She was wearing white pearls on her right hand and around her neck. Black high heels were completing her appearance.
He came in quietly and stood far behind, leaning against the wall. He was wearing a white tuxedo with black roses attached to the lapel. Red short hair. Unshaven. Hands deep in his pocket. Looking kind of lost and disorganized.

It took awhile until the silence became unbearable.

"You are that type who doesn't know what he wants and pretends to be lost," she broke the space.

He came closer staring at the lake and trying to understand.

"There is nothing there. Just the lake. You will never understand," Pam said. 

Then she continued,"As long as you don’t know you would search for it. As long as it is a mystery, you would crave for it. There is nothing out there what can fulfill you."

He came closer, so close that she could feel his breath on her neck. She didn't even move. She was completely relaxed and confident.

"I won’t be your mom. You can forget about that," she said after awhile.

He undid his rose and placed it in front of her on the railing.

"How romantic," she said. 

She took the rose. She looked at it rolling it in her fingers and threw it into the lake.

"That is too bad. It is not real," she added. 
"I am Miss Stanford's mistress. I am not interested in big boys," she said quietly.
She felt his warm breath along her neck and arms.

"You will have to let me go. She is very jealous. She wants me to wear her bracelet on my right hand, then nobody would desire me," said Pam.

"You are perfect," he said.

She took her bracelet off  her hand and put it on the railing. 

"They are anyways not real," she said.

She turned  and look into his eyes and said,"There is nothing perfect here. You will have to settle down one day with that. And anyways, perfect can be only perfect when including imperfect."
And she left.


PS :-

Thanks Mary for your help.
Bolek Bolek 41-45, M Aug 26, 2012

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