All Night Long

My bf and I were on the phone all night long like teenagers.(teenagers from the 80s I it would be texting I guess..LOL) I think we started around midnight, and before we realized, it was 5 a.m. We talked about so many important topics effecting us. He's so profound, and I think I really love him, but we/he needs time. I've hurt him so, but he's hurt me too, (mainly because I hurt him first) but the amazing thing is that after 2 years of turmoil, we're pretty much starting over again.

I expressed to himĀ  that I believe in true love, but because I've been through soooo much, I believe less in nonsensical falling madly in love; that kind of love can be dangerous IMHO, and usually the person who falls gets hurt, because they're so vulnerable. My feeling is that it's better when love blossoms slowly like a flower, and it takes work...not all running through fields of daisies. Yes there should be some of that, but if that's all there is, usually someone is in the dark.

We've worked so hard building our relationship, and I'm enjoying the work. Getting to know this amazing man who has my heart so full...I'm becoming intoxicated...opening myself up to , dare I say, love...maybe he is "The One."
TheRightFitforLife TheRightFitforLife
46-50, F
Aug 27, 2012