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Because You Love Me

 "Look! They are spraying again. Look at the sky! Do you see that? Planes and these lines behind them, all over the sky, white lines, all is poison. Genetic stuff. They want to kill us. Reduce the population. They don’t want us to procreate. They want us to be sick and to die fast. That is all what they want. To kill us fast. I can’t breathe, Mary. My throat is swollen. My eyes are itchy. My face is burning. They are spraying every day. Bastards!"
"Yes, Baby. Relax. Who is spraying?"  Mary asked him.

"I am not a paranoid. Check the Internet. I heard it on the news. Everybody is talking about it.  All of it is a conspiracy. Global conspiracy. You are asking me - who? It is They! The Government!!  All is poisoned. Food is poisoned. Air is poisoned. They are spreading diseases. They want to kill most of us. Don’t you see that? Soon half of the population will have cancer. That is the plan. To remove the weak and unwanted."
"Baby," said Mary gently. "I am buying you organic food every day. I am cooking for you as you taught me. We eat healthy. We live healthy. We drink the water that you chose for us to drink. I am not using any cosmetics or strange scents. We avoid everything that you think is dangerous. Every day, I clean this place and wash your clothing. I change our sheets thrice per week.  I shower four times each day. I do everything, everything. Patrick please…How was your day? What did you do?"

"Great! My day was fantastic. Perfect day to die. I spent all day on the net chatting with the *****. It was amazing. Look at my ****.  All swollen. He did *** so many times."

"Wow Baby, he looks great, " replied Mary."I love him. He is so sexy. I am glad you had a good time."

"Mary for God's sake," mumbled Patrick.

"Yes," asked Mary.

"You don’t love me anymore, …  Mary, I know. I have this little problem but only because I am so tired. It will pass. I promise."

"Don’t be silly, Baby," said Mary. "You don’t have to *** every time. You always please me so good. It is like heaven. It is not so important if you *** or not. I feel so close to you."  

"I want to **** you, Baby. I want to **** your ***, Mary. I want you to suck me. I will *** all over your face, on your breasts, on your *****. I want to **** you, Baby."

"Patrick you are so bad, so bad. I love when you talk to me dirty. It makes me so horny. You smell so good. You are such a man."

"I wish Mary. I wish. I did not shower for a few days. I smoke like a pig. I look like ****. I am a total mess.  I am not good enough for you. I hate myself!"

"No Babe. Don’t say things like that. Just tell me. Baby, what is wrong? Tell me. Please. Patrick," said Mary.

"I can’t write Mary. I did not write anything for the last two weeks. My stupid head. I am a moron. Nothing comes along. I have tried and tried and nothing. Only what I hear and see in my head is garbage. I am done. I am finished. I want to sabotage everything. Destroy. Vanish.  I want you to hate me as I hate myself. Hate me!"

"Patrick, don’t be so hard on yourself. Baby, remember you always say things like that and next you still write beautifully. You will find it. You always do. You write with such a passion. You are so wise, so touching. I love your writing. Whenever I finish reading your stories, I want more and more. You are amazing. Your words and everything," said Mary.

"Brrraaaaa! Uuuuuu! Iiiiiiiiii!" Patrick makes a noise like that.  He jumps and claps his hands. He smiles and shakes his head. Left and right. Left and right. And over and over. "Olaolaolaola," comes from his throat while his tongue dances up and down.  He is overwhelmed with happiness. He surrounds Mary in his arms and waves along with her towards left and right saying,

"I got it, Mary. I got it. I am going to write the story about me, how difficult and twisted I am, and the way you love me, how in every second you reach me. Mary, I am dying in love for you. You are so good, so very good. I will name this story, 'Because YOU Love Me.' "


PS :-
Thanks Summer for editing and your input on my story as well as for all your support.
Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 2 Responses Aug 28, 2012

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I love this story. The complex of a relationship. Where one is pulling and the other is pushing. Hopefully, they both can meet common grounds. Really great work the best that I had read from you.

Thank you. Love you.

You are welcome. Love you as well.

wow<br />
what a wonderful story, i just couldnt stop reading wanting to always know whats happening next, amazing

Sure. I will write more. I always like to see life from different angels. Thanks.