True Love (from My Perspective)

Love is not what I can receive from her, but rather what I can do to make her smile.
Love is not how she makes me feel, but what I can do to warm her soul.
Love is not whether or not she agrees with my wisdom, but rather it is listening to her share and wishing that the moment would never end.
Love is not feeling the pride of being the one who meets her needs, but rather being the one that makes sure that she has no unmet needs.
Love is not needing her in my location, but truly desiring her location, wherever it is, to be absolutely amazing.
Love is not waiting for her to say that she is sorry, but forgiving her before it ever becomes necessary.
Love is not wanting to hear her say that she loves me, but making sure that she doesn't live a moment without the knowledge of my love for her.

Her attention is appreciated, my attention is required.
Her love is valued, my love is unconditional.
Her promises are trusted, mine are fulfilled.
Feelings are warm and fuzzy and nice, actions mean everything. I will act out my love for her, no matter how I feel.
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5 Responses Sep 1, 2012

Well, dang. :)

wow...see now, THAT's the way it's supposed to be. and if she feels that same way... love can be fully obtained, and last. unlike the 50 second marriages of today. ;)

we did pass the 50 second mark Have a wonderful day

Oh this is one of the most beautiful stories I've read on here. Thank you so much for writing it and to the woman who inspired it. It was a sheer delight and pleasure to read.

Wow! Thank you for writing that. It was beautiful. It makes me smile because I think that is exactly what I have found with someone! Reading that....made me so happy!! :)

smiles.. that is soo cool.. Don't let up or allow him to let up.. each day you have to make the choice.. it's very much about actions in the long haul.

Beautiful. Too bad others don't think the same. :)