Appreciate Love As It Is "Something" Unique Given By God. and love.... everywhere we go, there must be love and no matter what kind of love it is, but still its Love... Love is a Unique thing in this the meaning of Love is wide.... Love to God, Love to your mother, your father, family... love to yourself, to your friend and love to all we love especially...our special one!

Each person has their own opinion in love.. and so do i, and what i mean by LOVE IS UNIQUE is that, it involve all kinds of feeling... even the feeling of love itself.. dont u think that?? and love can make a person going crazy.... even became lunatic (those who obsess in their love i guess..:) ) there's a Malay proverb saying that love-it is a poison and it is also something to cure. and there was a time we would feel lonely and felt like screaming and asking to ourself about love... love is a nice thing at the first sight, and all those nices gone after we had got into our spouse life... and thats natural, everyone would feel that... but what i feel confuse is.... Does love SPECIAL to all the man in this world.. coz the unique thing is , they could love woman more than 1...and could also leave them behind anytime they want....hence the POWER of love is in Man's hand.... believe that?? ask urself, recall back and surely you do had experience that even once....and as for myself, i do not believe in love, because it could be fake but i do believe in true love... as for now, i am waiting for my true love..... with little bit of patient, i believe he will come one day

rossie rossie
26-30, F
Jul 2, 2008