When I Lost

I remember the first time I loved. He took every single breathe I had.
Even if he never borrowed my visions I still felt him within my heart and after 3years holding on to him, it brought nothing but pain.
I saw him with another girl, and my goodness I never felt so alive with pain before.
That very same night I saw them together, I went home and poured my heart out.
I matched each star with a reason for loving him, it was going good until I ran out of stars.
It hurts to breathe because I know that every breathe I take proves that I can live without him.
Even if I lost this battlefield, I still hope to see him in my future.
But as in now, I don't want him anywhere near me and I have to admit I think of him every time I stop doing something.
I still have hope simply because if things were meant to be they will somehow come back around.
I believe in second chances and I think everyone deserves one... the hard way.
lovedee06 lovedee06
18-21, F
Sep 11, 2012