Help Me

I love you, or i loved you its all so strange, you used to care, now your loosing interest i see, maybe it is me or both of us it scary to live without you that is what keeps me here. Save me, rescue this love don't let it die. Your the fighter the most i do is cry yet you solve thing why are you letting me down? It's not just you, trust me, i know but i cant do it your my only hope.
karina7442 karina7442
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I just wish he would understand and i wish i was that strong i really dont know i think its to late what we had is lost
but thanks

Tell that person that. You can cry alone in the corner, but you have to make sure to dust yourself off the next morning, because that would stop you from being you.

grammar terrible i just had let it out and the last thing i focused on is if i spelled things right