First Its!!!

First its mental?! What za **** doest dis cat meanth?! Well f-r-i-e-n-d-s, its liketh dis: Ye loveth za way dis person lookth. Ye loveth za way dis person moveth. Ye loveth za sexual magnatism, dis person puts out. And ye sure loveth da way dis person *****!!! However, doest U think in a matched way, liketh dis person, dat ye wouldth loveth to EAT?! If ye doeth, U R probably a fairly simple person, in thy mind. Much easier to find simpler minded people, to bond with. Dan for example; someone dat thinks about building a space craft, dat can travel to another Universe!!! Much more simpler minded people around like U dat ye canst relate to. Ye want to be with like minded people, with their intelligent level close to thou. If ye is very smart, and u do not already have someone, u will probably have to workth much longer and harder at finding, your Life Companion. Za more ye doeth, the more dat za numbers will be in thou favor. So getth out dare, with dem ******' NUMBERS!!! LOVE LIKETH GOLD IS WHERE YE FINDTH IT!!!
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3 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I have found no love in the heart of the city,aint no love in the heart of town,aint no love,sure is a pity,only the type you buy with the pound. :(

Those who go by "numbers" or another notch on the belt DO NOT have the brains..!!!!! WTF? You don't speak clear!

What? <br />
You talk about numbers?<br />
Believe me I have seen men who f...u...c...k their lives away and still have not found love....<br />
So that does NOT sound cozier!!!!