i used to believe and dream about love and meet my dream partner, i was pretty romantic and kind and very sensitive, i used to cry if someone hurt my feelings, but years after years all those dreams and thoughts of having love in my life changed.

well i used to like girls when i was young, then i met a guy who helped me discover all these hidden sexuality in me but i didn't love him so we moved apart then i started experiencing with guys more and more i also had crushes on several guys, until i met a guy (Ali) he was the dream partner i always dreamed about i felt it at the first sight then we become friends then close friends then we made out and confessed our love to each other. But fate had other plans he had an accident which put him in coma for 9 days and then he moved to countryside since the city was to noisy for him. then i met my ex wife and we started relationship based on understanding and had good time together but we were not in love then after a while i left the country to study and spend 4 years aboard though i traveled back and forth to visit my wife and kids. But during those 4 years i loved a guy he was my friend and also distance relative i was so attract to him at first then i noticed that he loves me in his own way he used to protect me(not physically though he fought a guy just cause he compete me he treated me so special until i fall in love with him i tried to push him away cause in deep down i knew he was straight but my believe in love made me fall more and more for him and i couldn't keep it secret anymore and i told him then the drama started and all the things i was afraid of was in front of me then i decided to move on.
then i came back home and old boyfriend (Ali) called me, he said he will come and move in with me after 6 months i was so happy cause i still loved him( my love to him was always different cause i don't feel like it will end ever), then i become friend with a guy, he helped me get over my marriage and heartbreak, i used to sleep between in his arms we become best friends(though part of me wanted to turn friendship into lovers but i couldn't succeed). his love was the one made me happy again and ready for relationship so i met (samir) the complicated one and we connected but the idea of loving another man for him is totally unacceptable so tries to keep a distance from me (now we are in unknown stage of relationship but i love him and he loves me).
one year passed when i came back and Ali still didn't comeback he says he is dealing with his business so he can move in with me i will wait for him i feel he is the one i always dreamed about when i was young i still believe in love (my love to ali).

The other day i was chatting with my friend (Maan) and he told me he loves me i was shocked first but felt happy cause i was attracted to him and i told him that before i am meeting him tonight, well i can't say i love him as the others but he is sweet, but i don't think it will last (maybe it will you never know wish me luck)

i have been through many loves and felt the love of the others love is complicated and i comes with so many different shapes just open your heart for it and live in it.
luckyboy20 luckyboy20
26-30, M
Sep 14, 2012