I'm Scared !

okey , so i really need an advice because i couldn't find any person to help me out , okey , here's my story : i'm still young , i am seventeen years old and actually i just met a guy who's really nice and kind person , he's funny and good looking , and from a respectful family , actually his mother is very close with my mom , anyway , , i met him in my cousin wedding a couple of months ago , and now we're together , the problem is he's older then me , he's 31 years old and when he was younger , he knew many women but never had a serious relationship and i'm his first , he respect me and respect my family , and lately he told that he want to marry me and he's gonna ask for my hand after a few months from my parents and he really wanna be with me , i met his mother , and she told my mother that her son wanna marry me , so my parents since they knew how good and respectful family he had , they agreed , and told me it's my choice , and i'm still not sure and really scared , because , i feel that he cares about me , but from the outside more then the inside , i mean he thinks i'm funny and stuff like that but i don't really feel his love , he's a total jealous type , he always tell me to Not talk to boys and things like that , he lives abroad so we're supposed to be engaged for two years then married and i'm gonna live abroad with him far away from my family ! i'm scared that i regret marrying or being with him later and causing problems to my mother with his mother since they're friends , i mean things happened really quickly , i mean how am i supposed to know that his the one , and he will always love me , i know thathe appreciate the family and he will respect his wife because he's a good man but i feel that's not enough , i mean i'm young to be engaged and then get married after i graduated at the age of 19 and finish my studies at the same time while i'm married in a new contry with the responsablities of marriage too ... please help me , i'm really confused ! ps : we also agreed not having kids until i finish my college . so what should i do ?
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many red flags just do to you being 17

so what do you mean ? , what should i do ?

you said he is 32 you are 17

many young gurls get used by men and then thrown away of sold off on the street
if he loves you he will stay your frined till you get out of high school if he get mad and say otherwise you need to walk fast and run away he is bad new if you do cross that linne as you are under 18 he is 32 he goes to jain and get a new label

well , yeah , he dosen't wanna touch me or sleep with me until we get married after i finish my high school , he's 31 , so you bthink that if we he loves me that's okey , i can marry him ?

if he still loves you in 2 years sure why not

it will prove his love

we married early and i have never regreat it in any way but we culd not have kids but she was killed at 19

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