Believe In Love.

Last night I prayed to God
to please send me my true love
Open up the gates of heaven
and send me my angel from up above

God then told me that I'm waiting
and I'm not ready for it yet
He said she is definately out there
but we have never even met

How am I supposed to find my love
If I don't know where to start
God then replied to me
and told me to just follow my heart

I know that she is out there
just waiting for love to find her as well
I look forward to the day we meet
but how will I be able to tell

You will know her when you see her
and fall in love just instantly
So just be patient my son
all you have to do is believe

I believe in love so bad
that I crave it almost everyday
I can't wait till I find my true love
I just don't know what to say
SweetLana123 SweetLana123
13-15, F
6 Responses Sep 15, 2012

you will look everywhere, you will try to find your love,,, its an imagine...and you will get bored and tired..than stop this search...lastly your love will find you. l hope it happens...

I hope everyone . thanks.

Wow I'm speechless that was amazing it really was

God is soo sweet!! Beautiful lines! He will guide you to your love for sure! :)

with a heart like that, you will find a wonderful person. finding someone is like a quest though, it still takes hard work.

Beautiful Post. I am sure you will find them when ye least expect it ;)